Projects @ Khoj

'Zzz.Eat.Dance.Purr.' - Comic Book Launch by Anpu Varkey
from: Thursday, 25 September 2014
Negotiating Food : Urban Farming in Khirkee and beyond
from: Friday, 1 August 2014
An ongoing initiative exploring local forms of ecology
from: Monday, 28 July 2014 - Thursday, 4 September 2014
Of Games - II, the second edition of the gaming residency at Khoj, explores the overlaps between the worlds of gaming and contemporary art.
Networks & Neighbourhood : Negotiating Social Ecology
from: Sunday, 1 June 2014
An on going Community Art project
Peers 2014
from: Monday, 19 May 2014 - Sunday, 22 June 2014
Peers: Student residency programme.
Negotiating Routes : Ecologies of the Byways V
from: Thursday, 1 May 2014 - Thursday, 31 July 2014
Mountains to Mosque and Other Details | An exhibition by Masooma Syed
from: Wednesday, 23 April 2014 - Saturday, 10 May 2014
from: Wednesday, 23 April 2014 - Saturday, 10 May 2014
Cry Out Loud & Waiting Subjects
from: Saturday, 5 April 2014
Residency - Food Ed. III
from: Thursday, 6 March 2014 - Saturday, 19 April 2014
International Artists' Residency
sound_reasons_epiphany_newcompilation_2014 Sound Reasons | Epiphany album release
from: Friday, 28 February 2014
from: Wednesday, 15 January 2014 - Saturday, 8 February 2014
WORD. SOUND. POWER. - exhibition by Khoj International Artists' Association & Tate Modern, London
We Are Ours: A Collection of Manifestos For The Instant | Curated by Himali Singh Soin
from: Thursday, 5 December 2013 - Tuesday, 17 December 2013
We are Ours: A Collection of Manifestos for The Instant is an exhibition of 27 manifestos by contemporary Indian artists.
Art & Fashion Residency 2013
from: Friday, 1 November 2013 - Saturday, 30 November 2013
Khoj International Artists’ Association's Art & Fashion programme 2013
from: Thursday, 17 October 2013 - Sunday, 27 October 2013
Residual is a portraiture exhibition by Anpu Varkey
Deep Time Deep Time
from: Friday, 4 October 2013
An exhibition by Rohini Devasher
Screenshot of Osmos Of Games : Frameworks in Question
from: Thursday, 19 September 2013 - Sunday, 29 September 2013
Of Games : Frameworks in Question
Somewhere by Oleomingus Of Games : Theatre in Code
from: Saturday, 17 August 2013 - Sunday, 22 September 2013
The three disappearances of Soad Hosni
from: Friday, 2 August 2013 - Sunday, 18 August 2013
The three disappearances of Soad Hosni
Aapki Sadak Aapki Sadak
from: Monday, 15 July 2013 - Friday, 19 July 2013
Aapki Sadak
from: Friday, 12 July 2013 - Sunday, 3 November 2013
PEERS 2013 Peers 2013
from: Thursday, 23 May 2013 - Sunday, 23 June 2013
Peers: Student residency programme.
Disappearance as work in progress - Approaches to ecological romanticism
from: Wednesday, 8 May 2013
<p>Contributory event for the Maldives Pavilion Venice 2013.</p>
A Formal Film in Nine Episodes, Prologue & Epilogue
from: Friday, 3 May 2013 - Friday, 24 May 2013
A Solo Exhibition by Mario Pfeifer.
The Arena, the Imagination and the Body
from: Tuesday, 23 April 2013 - Tuesday, 21 May 2013
The Arena, the Imagination and the Body
Negotiating Routes - Part IV
from: Monday, 1 April 2013 - Saturday, 1 June 2013
Negotiating Routes
Knots and Donuts Sound Reasons @ Khoj: Knots and Donuts by Julian Henriques
from: Friday, 22 March 2013 - Wednesday, 27 March 2013
A 3D sound sculpture.
from: Monday, 11 March 2013 - Tuesday, 23 April 2013
International Artists' Residency
Exhibition without objects
from: Sunday, 10 February 2013
Exhibition without objects
Listen, my heart Listen, my heart, to the whispers of the world...
from: Saturday, 2 February 2013
Listen my heart to the whispers of the world with which it makes love to you: A Cinema for the Ear
Auditions:Sound Residency at Khoj Auditions: Sound Residency at Khoj
from: Saturday, 5 January 2013 - Tuesday, 5 February 2013
Sound Residency at Khoj.
Khoj Contemporary Art Intensive
from: Saturday, 1 December 2012 - Sunday, 9 December 2012
The Khoj Contemporary Art Intensive is a focused, rigorous, hands-on learning program.
Khoj Dus tak Khoj Dus tak
from: Friday, 23 November 2012 - Sunday, 25 November 2012
Khirki Utsav at Khoj studios and Khirki Extension.
Dharamshala International Artists' Workshop 2012
from: Saturday, 20 October 2012 - Thursday, 1 November 2012
A Khoj International Artists’ Association and White Crane Arts & Media Collaboration
Act & Accomplish
from: Saturday, 4 August 2012 - Saturday, 11 August 2012
A collaborative project between Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Khoj International Artists' Association and Nature Morte.
Khirki Vigyapan Workshop Khoj Vigyapan Workshop
from: Friday, 3 August 2012 - Sunday, 5 August 2012
Creating an ad campaign with the youth of Khirki.
Tipping Point Commission 2012- 2013
from: Friday, 1 June 2012
Neha Choksi and Dipankar Banerjee as the recipients of the Khoj TippingPoint India Commission 2012- 2013.
Khoj (Re)Building Project Series
from: Friday, 25 May 2012
A series of events respond to the site at various stages of breaking and making of the Khoj building.
In - Food Edition 1
from: Monday, 5 March 2012
The In - III residency has for the first time a special focus on the notion of 'food'.
Sound Reasons
from: Friday, 2 March 2012
With abstract juxtaposing of sounds correlating to individual experience.
Crossovers between Art & Fashion Idea of Fashion Ed.II : Crossovers between Art & Fashion
from: Wednesday, 1 February 2012 - Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, the participants of this residency are creative practitioners...
Negotiating Routes : Ecologies of the Byways III
from: Wednesday, 1 February 2012 - Tuesday, 5 June 2012
Over two years, Negotiating Routes hopes to map the various project sites across the country to create an alternative road map...
from: Friday, 27 January 2012
A unique and challenging event, KHOJLIVE12 is an attempt to further explore the possibilities of the genre of performance art, specifically with
Yellow Line Project Open Screenings: Yellow Line Project
from: Sunday, 18 December 2011
An initiative of The Gati Dance Forum, The Yellow Line Project (YLP) invited collaborations between choreographers and media artists.
En Route En Route
from: Thursday, 15 December 2011 - Sunday, 29 January 2012
En Route is a six- week International residency at KHOJ starting mid December 2011 until end of January 2012.
Certificates In Deed: Certificates of Authenticity in Art
from: Friday, 18 November 2011 - Friday, 16 December 2011
In Deed: Certificates of Authenticity in Art, a traveling exhibition curated by Susan Hapgood and Cornelia Lauf
TippingPoint India TippingPoint India
from: Friday, 11 November 2011 - Saturday, 12 November 2011
KHOJ International Artists’ Association is collaborating with TippingPoint UK and British Council to present TippingPoint India.
Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis and the Arts in India
from: Tuesday, 8 November 2011
A symposium on psychoanalysis and the arts in India that brings together scholars, artists and psychoanalysts for a public discussion.
A Gift for KHOJ : A fund raising event
from: Sunday, 6 November 2011 - Monday, 7 November 2011
PlexUs : A gaming event between Delhi, Xalapa, Ithaca
from: Friday, 14 October 2011
Social Gaming, offers people separated by thousands of kilometers...
Intimate Architectures: Materials at Play
from: Thursday, 1 September 2011 - Saturday, 8 October 2011
A four-week residency to explore the relationship between material and space
Augmented Square Mile The Augmented Square Mile
from: Saturday, 6 August 2011
KHOJ International Artists' Association and Blue Ant Intelligence propose new ways of engaging with media practices through the interface of art
Residency 2011 IFA Curatorial Residency 2011
from: Friday, 15 July 2011 - Thursday, 15 September 2011
A residency programme, as part of the four-year Curatorships Programme conceptualized by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), Bangalore
Peers 2011 Participants PEERS 2011
from: Sunday, 15 May 2011 - Sunday, 19 June 2011
A four-week art laboratory for young artists shortlisted from around India
Khirkee Park Jam Khirkee Park Jam
from: Sunday, 15 May 2011
KHOJ International Artists' Association and Tiny Drops present an evening of Hip-Hop
Empire Empire: Legacy of the World's First Corporation
from: Friday, 6 May 2011
An ongoing new media and educational outreach project created by a Dutch-American film-making team
PlayKhirkee Play @ Khirkee
from: Saturday, 30 April 2011
This project seeks to explore the patterns and affordances of play for children and young people
Noisindia #3
from: Friday, 8 April 2011
A multimedia music performance
Art and Polemic in Pakistan: A Talk by Virginia Whiles
from: Tuesday, 5 April 2011
ecology II Art + Ecology + Science
from: Tuesday, 1 March 2011 - Friday, 8 April 2011
The In residency in its second phase will explore sites of convergence of the worlds of art and science
Negotiating Routes Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of the Byways II
from: Tuesday, 1 March 2011
The Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of the Byways is a site-specific project reflecting the anxities of the development paradigm through the vocab
CITY & SOUND City & Sound
from: Thursday, 24 February 2011
Delhi Listening Group with KHOJ presents CITY & SOUND at KHOJ Studios, Khirkee and surrounds
Idea of Fashion Idea of Fashion
from: Tuesday, 1 February 2011 - Thursday, 17 February 2011
The residency aspires to look at fashion as an area of exploration, seeing it as an artifact and instrument in society
KHOJ Marathon KHOJ Marathon with Hans Ulrich Obrist
from: Saturday, 22 January 2011
A series of public interviews with leading thinkers, social philosophers, political analysts and artists by Hans Ulrich Obrist
IFA Curatorial Program IFA Curatorial Program
from: Monday, 17 January 2011 - Sunday, 23 January 2011
A Residency aimed at establishing a model of practice-based training for curators
Rogi II Bhogi/Rogi II (Consumption/Disease)
from: Monday, 17 January 2011 - Sunday, 23 January 2011
An interactive installation which offers a reflexive mirror to the viewer as the self and as the consumer
Antecedent Garden Antecedent Garden
from: Monday, 17 January 2011 - Sunday, 23 January 2011
An exhibition that curates not just images, but all that is sublime and 'unlettered' in an experience
INTERSECTIONS INTERSECTIONS: Art and Architecture Residency
from: Saturday, 20 November 2010
‘INTERSECTIONS’ aims to explore architecture, urbanism and its intersections with art practices
from: Tuesday, 9 November 2010 - Tuesday, 16 November 2010
The Urban Typhoon workshop invites artists, architects, activists and academics from all over the world to ideate with residents, grassroots gro
Shifting Focus Shifting Focus : Photography Residency
from: Friday, 1 October 2010 - Saturday, 30 October 2010
Shifting Focus, the Photography Residency at KHOJ, aspired to evoke the timeless ‘magic’ of photography
Khirkee Hip-Hop Khirkee Hip-Hop Community Centre
from: Friday, 1 October 2010
During KHOJ's long engagement with the community through its various community-based art...
Social Sculpture Social Sculpture
from: Wednesday, 1 September 2010
A workshop intersecting between visual arts, dance/theater and pedagogy
Propositions Propositions: On Text and Space
from: Monday, 30 August 2010
An Installation by Zuleikha Chaudhari, based on the production of Some Stage Directions for Henrik Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman
Curatorship 2010 Curatorship Program 2010
from: Tuesday, 20 July 2010 - Monday, 20 September 2010
A residency programme for young curators
Football Series Khirkee Football Series
from: Friday, 9 July 2010
Following the hugely successful cricket matches of the 'Satpula Super Series', KHOJ facilitated...
Nukkad Natak Nukkad Natak: 'Padhna Kitna Zaroori' - Street Theatre Workshop
from: Monday, 14 June 2010
The project entailed intensive sessions of 2-3 hours daily for...
Peers 2010 Peers 2010
from: Friday, 14 May 2010
PEERS is a 4-week art laboratory for young artists shortlisted from around...
Art Art Workshop
from: Friday, 14 May 2010
Part of the summer activities at Khirki, the Art Workshop was facilitated for over a month...
from: Friday, 23 April 2010
Launch of THE KHOJ BOOK: 1997- 2007, contemporary art practice in India
SeriesII Satpula Super Series II
from: Thursday, 1 April 2010
The cricket matches of the Satpula Super Series-I in the Khirki community, generated...
sounds interesting sounds interesting!! :: sonic session
from: Saturday, 13 March 2010
Maxine" is an agent developed with Max/MSP designed to do her own thing as an...
Forever Forever: Mating Season, No. 11, a Site-Specific Performative Intervention
from: Thursday, 11 March 2010
Chinese artist Han Bing (1974—) has long been...
SEZ Who SEZ Who?
from: Saturday, 6 March 2010
A collaborative project by Justin Ponmany, Prajakta Potnis, Sharmila...
Residency In Context: ( Residency )
from: Monday, 1 March 2010
The first 'In Context:' residency commenced at the beginning of March...
from: Friday, 26 February 2010
Half day illustration workshop by Evgeny and approach to digital art.
Electric Sweet Water Girl
from: Thursday, 25 February 2010
Reading of Mahmud Rahman's first book of short stories, (Penguin India, 2010).
Negotiating Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of the Byways I
from: Tuesday, 9 February 2010
The planting of seven thousand oak trees is thus only a symbolic beginning. And such a symbolic...
Interaction Design with VVVV
from: Saturday, 19 December 2009
Thomas Eichhorn, will lead a two days intensive workshop on Interaction Design
D.I.Y Cyborgs Workshop
from: Sunday, 6 December 2009
Workshop in collaboration with Sputniko....
Pixel Art Workshop
from: Saturday, 28 November 2009
1mile 1mile²
from: Tuesday, 3 November 2009
1mile² is a three year global arts programme that asks communities...
from: Sunday, 1 November 2009
Working at the intersection of art, design and media, the residency seeks to explore...
Interactive Design Interactive Design Workshop
from: Monday, 26 October 2009
This workshop explores the possibilities of creating interactive installations and new media...
Bihar KHOJ Bihar 2009
from: Saturday, 24 October 2009
Hosted at the Tarumitra Ashmram in Patna, the KHOJ International Artists Workshop...
Pecha Pecha Kucha @ KHOJ
from: Thursday, 15 October 2009
Pecha Kucha Night is back.The theme for the evening- art as infrastructure and infrastructure as art...
from: Saturday, 10 October 2009
Frame Works Research & Media Collective adopts interdisciplinary practices to explore development issues...
Unspeakably Unspeakably More: Naming, Deframing, lexicon for contemporary curatorship (Art after Space)
from: Thursday, 1 October 2009
KHOJ co-organizes this seminar in association with n.e.w.s and Perriferry (Guwahati)
Yokomono Yokomono
from: Tuesday, 25 August 2009
Yokomono is a sound composition with 30 auto-rickshaws playing horn patterns in sync with...
Bookmaking International Bookmaking Residency
from: Monday, 17 August 2009
The six week long International Residency focuses on bookmaking, with a strong underpinning of...
City[in]Visible II City[in]Visible II
from: Friday, 10 July 2009
City[in]Visible II: a community research project by Sreejata Roy and Mrityunjay...
Ghummakad Ghummakad Toli
from: Monday, 1 June 2009
The premise for the Ghummakad Toli project is to look at ordinary spaces in the...
Peers09 Peers 2009
from: Thursday, 14 May 2009
Every summer, five artists along with a critic work at the KHOJ Studios.
Imagine Peace! Imagine Peace!
from: Wednesday, 15 April 2009
KHOJ is collaboratively organizing a four-day workshop on theme of IMAGINE PEACE! A Visual...
Minds to Lose Minds to Lose
from: Wednesday, 25 March 2009
Minds to Lose is a multi-media performed monologue alternating between a...
Telephone Pyaar Telephone Pyaar
from: Saturday, 28 February 2009
The project entails making of a fictional audio project comprising of telephonic...
Mithu "Free Mithu" by Mithu Sen
from: Thursday, 19 February 2009
In April 2007, Mithu Sen advertised a 'summer dhamaka' online called the "Free Mithu" project...
Khirki ke khiladi Khirki ke khiladi
from: Friday, 6 February 2009
The Khirki ki Kahani (Khoj Community Art Project) has come a long way since...
Sonic Sonic Art 2008
from: Sunday, 26 October 2008
The core theme of the project this time is geared towards creating noise instruments...
Noise Noise @ KHOJ
from: Tuesday, 30 September 2008
The International Sonic Art Residency (Nov-Dec) will kick started with...
Degrees Six Degrees of Separation. Chaos, Congruence & Collaboration
from: Sunday, 31 August 2008
KHOJ in collaboration with the Anant Art Gallery invite...
Filament Filament : 6 years of the Peers Residency @ KHOJ
from: Sunday, 31 August 2008
2007 marked the 10th anniversary of KHOJ. On the occasion of the 10 Year celebrations...
Perfect On Seeing The 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning
from: Sunday, 31 August 2008
On Seeing The 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful...
Associate Residency '08 Associate Residency '08
from: Friday, 15 August 2008
This project attempts to create an icon bank of images that would represent...
PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC: One Nation Under a Groove - Summer Screening IV
from: Tuesday, 13 May 2008
To create a film that reflected the distinctive nature of P-Funk, filmmaker Yvonne Smith used animation...
Asian Vibes: Bombay - Summer Screening III
from: Tuesday, 6 May 2008
A video documentary on electronic music in Bombay...
Peers08 Peers 2008
from: Wednesday, 30 April 2008
Peers 2008 , the summer students residency , five artists fresh...
Khirki kholo Khirki kholo
from: Wednesday, 30 April 2008
Coca-cola bottle caps, shoelaces, empty cigarette boxes, gutka packets, match-sticks...
City [In] Visible City [In] Visible
from: Monday, 31 March 2008
An art project which will be generating dialogues and narratives with local...
from: Friday, 29 February 2008
As part of our 10 year celebrations, KHOJ curated the first ever International...
Flipbook Workshop Flipbook Workshop
from: Friday, 29 February 2008
The course will explore and explain the basic elements of design...
Transportraits Transportraits
from: Friday, 29 February 2008
The workshop that took place at KHOJ, Delhi, was a part of an international...
Screening : Riding Solo To The Top Of The World
from: Thursday, 28 February 2008
Body / Text Body / Text
from: Monday, 31 December 2007
An Exploration of Verbal Photography by Jose Abad Lorente , following up on...
ECO+ART International ECO+ART Residency
from: Wednesday, 31 October 2007
KHOJ is hosting an International Residency in an attempt to explore the relationship...
Khoj @ Frieze Art Fair . London .11 - 14 October 2007.
from: Thursday, 11 October 2007
Khoj has been invited to put up a stall in the non profit section of the prestigious Frieze Art Fair.
Sculpture Sculpture and Video Art Residency '07
from: Sunday, 30 September 2007
Associate Residency at KHOJ Studios featuring the 3 artists.
Khoj Kasheer KHOJ Kasheer - 2007
from: Sunday, 30 September 2007
KHOJ 2007 International workshop is being held in Srinagar, Kasheer...
Arts & Science Arts & Science Residency
from: Tuesday, 31 July 2007
This pilot residency explored the intersections of art, science and technology.
Peers 2007 Peers 2007
from: Thursday, 31 May 2007
Peers 2007 is a continuation of the student residencies in the past at Khoj Studios.
Visual Poetry Visual Poetry and Body Calligraphy
from: Monday, 30 April 2007
Based on interdisciplinary arts that blend together Spanish poetry, photography...
Portraits Portraits - Photography Workshop
from: Thursday, 12 April 2007 - Tuesday, 1 May 2007
This Photography based Workshop was a collaborative project between aastha...
from: Saturday, 31 March 2007
Central to this artwork was the idea of bringing the inside to the outside / or the outside in.
Performance Art 2007 Performance Art 2007
from: Wednesday, 31 January 2007
Performance Art 2007 marked the third in a series of Residencies curated around Performance...
Yamuna Project The Yamuna Project
from: Wednesday, 3 January 2007
2007’s opening Residency at KHOJ focused on the theme of Eco Art .
Zariyein Zariyein
from: Wednesday, 6 December 2006
Zariyein is a community-based art intervention that uses images and conversations...
Light Workshop Light Workshop
from: Thursday, 30 November 2006
The Light Workshop was organized for the members of the KHOJ Advisory Group of Artists.
Sonic Arts'06 Sonic Arts'06
from: Tuesday, 31 October 2006
Sound art' has emerged as a media that challenges the defined categories of...
KHOJ Kolkata 2006 KHOJ Kolkata 2006
from: Saturday, 30 September 2006
The international artists workshop, KHOJ Kolkota was held in October 2006 in Baruipur, a suburb on...
Associate Residency '06 Associate Residency '06
from: Saturday, 30 September 2006
This art project examined the role that art practices can play in a collective...
Public Art Public Art Residency '06
from: Thursday, 31 August 2006
The aim of this residency was to expand the definition of "public art"...
peer06 Peers 2006
from: Wednesday, 31 May 2006 - Thursday, 15 June 2006
PEERS is a 4-week residency programme for recent graduates from art...
Arabian Night Arabian Night
from: Sunday, 23 April 2006
An experimental play directed by Zuleikha Chaudhari based on Arabian Night by...
Dilli Dur Ast Dilli Dur Ast
from: Saturday, 1 April 2006
"Dilli Dur Ast"(a Lens based Workshop in the Walled City of Old Delhi) was an...
Khirkee-yaan Khirkee-yaan
from: Friday, 31 March 2006
” Khirkee-yaan" was the exploration and employment of an open circuit TV system...
Colouring Outside the Lines Colouring Outside the Lines
from: Friday, 31 March 2006
‘Colouring Outside the Lines’ was modeled as a model visual arts workshop series...
Performance Art 2006 Performance Art'06
from: Tuesday, 28 February 2006
The 2006 Performance art residency was curated with the intention to bring together...
Hybrid Sonicscapes Hybrid Sonicscapes'06
from: Sunday, 22 January 2006
In an attempt to explore how the creative use of sound complicates the neat categories of sound...
Black Box Project Black Box Project
from: Saturday, 31 December 2005
Black Box Exercise: An Attempt to Define and Re-define Arts and Education was organized...
Khirkee ki Khoj Khirkee ki Khoj: Shop Make-over Project
from: Thursday, 1 December 2005
As part of the larger Khoj Community Arts Project initiative, the project engaged...
Photography Residency Photography Residency'05
from: Wednesday, 30 November 2005
In the previous century, photography helped shape art; in the current one, it has begun...
Shit of the Other Shit of the Other
from: Monday, 31 October 2005
Shit of the Other was a 20 minute performance by Indier Salim...
from: Monday, 31 October 2005
In an effort to support and push the nascent form of performance art in India...
Temple Installation Khirkee-ki-Khoj: Temple Installation
from: Sunday, 30 October 2005
The Sai Baba temple is a landmark in Khirkee Village.
An Alchemical Fairytale The Death and Transformation of the Monkey King: An Alchemical Fairytale
from: Friday, 30 September 2005
Ann McCoy is a New York artist who studied alchemy in Zurich for 25 years...
Home Home - Adreas Kaiser
from: Thursday, 1 September 2005
HOME is a global project Andreas Kaiser began 3 years ago.
Gali Gali Art Project
from: Wednesday, 31 August 2005
Nandita Kumar set up her studio in Hauz Khas and worked...
exhibition Anita Dube + Asim Waqif
from: Wednesday, 31 August 2005
This exhibition was planned as part of our initiative to bring creative...
Peers2005 Peers 2005
from: Tuesday, 31 May 2005
The Peers Student Residency is a platform which provides an invaluable opportunity...
KHOJ Mumbai KHOJ Mumbai'05
from: Tuesday, 31 May 2005
In June 2005, the KHOJ International artists’ workshop was held in Mumbai...
Desire Machine Collective Notebook on Geography [ies]: Desire Machine Collective
from: Saturday, 30 April 2005
Desire Machine is a multi media collective based in North east India.
Khirkee Mural Khirkee-ki-Khoj: Khirkee Mural
from: Friday, 1 April 2005 - Sunday, 10 April 2005
KHOJ has initiated a series of projects that aim to take art out of the gallery space...
Dyslocation Dyslocation - Ayesha Seth
from: Thursday, 31 March 2005
An exhibition of interactive works that attempted to portray...
Public Art Public Art Res 05
from: Monday, 28 February 2005
Much of the public art that we know today had its inception in site-specific projects.
Kite-Making Khirkee-ki-Khoj: Kite-Making Workshop for Children
from: Saturday, 22 January 2005
Our second introduction with the children happened over a kite...
Arts Khirkee-ki-Khoj: Arts Education Program
from: Saturday, 1 January 2005
The Khirkee mural (May 2005) was a success in more ways than one.
 Atul Bhalla Exhibition by Atul Bhalla
from: Friday, 31 December 2004
KHOJ Studios previewed recent works by Delhi based artist...
Performance Art Performance Art: Nov-Dec 2004
from: Tuesday, 30 November 2004
Given that India boasts a rich and fertile tradition of dance and theatre...
Psuedo Homelands Psuedo Homelands - Sumedh Rajendran
from: Tuesday, 30 November 2004
KHOJ studios previewed recent works by Sumedh Rajendran on 28th...
Ahsan Jamal Kaho na pyar hai: Ahsan Jamal
from: Friday, 1 October 2004
KHOJ International Artists' Association has the pleasure of inviting you to view...
Khirkee Ki Kahani Khirkee Ki Kahani
from: Thursday, 30 September 2004
Once KHOJ became building based, we felt that we needed to develop a...
Asim Purkayastha Gandhi/man without Specs - Asim Purkayastha
from: Thursday, 30 September 2004
The revenue and postage stamps are official documents.
Art & Environment Art & Environment Residency Aug-Sept 2004
from: Saturday, 31 July 2004
More and more, the environment may be perceived as much a political realm as...
Peers 2004 Peers 2004
from: Monday, 31 May 2004
Based on the success of the first student's residency Peers 2003...
Residency '04 International Residency Feb-March 2004
from: Saturday, 31 January 2004
The residency addressed the dialectics of the place, the city and its multiple...
Group show Group show of artists from Bangalore
from: Thursday, 29 January 2004
KHOJ International Artists Association in collaboration with Sakshi Gallery...
International Residency 2003 International Residency 2003
from: Saturday, 8 November 2003
For the KHOJ International Residency 2003, Khirkee Village served...
 Bangalore 2003 KHOJ Bangalore 2003
from: Tuesday, 30 September 2003
The seventh international artists workshop held in Bangalore.
Residency Aug-Sep 2003 International Residency Aug-Sep 2003
from: Sunday, 31 August 2003
Perhaps in exchanges as these, cultural differences and similarities get highlighted.
Peers 2003 Peers 2003
from: Saturday, 31 May 2003
In an attempt to include the larger student community in our network and...
International Residency 2003 International Residency 2003
from: Friday, 28 February 2003
The Second KHOJ International Residency explored the sculptural and plastic arts.
International Residency 2002 International Residency 2002
from: Saturday, 30 November 2002
2002 was the year when the KHOJ Studio building came into...
Mysore 2002 KHOJ Mysore 2002
from: Monday, 30 September 2002
This year the workshop is being held in Mysore...
Pilot Residency 2001
from: Friday, 30 November 2001
This was the second pilot international residency project.
Delhi 2001 KHOJ Modinagar, Delhi 2001
from: Wednesday, 31 October 2001
This year has not been an easy one for South Asia : As I write...
Manoeuvering Miniatures Manoeuvering Miniatures
from: Friday, 31 August 2001
Manoeuvering Miniatures is a highly coded and deeply provocative exhibition held in 2001.
Pilot Residency 2000 Pilot Residency 2000
from: Thursday, 30 November 2000
This was the first pilot residency programme organised by the KHOJ Workshop...
 Khoj 2000 (Modinagar) Khoj 2000, Modinagar
from: Tuesday, 31 October 2000
Khoj 2000 (Modinagar)is the fourth annual workshop.
Khoj 1999 (Modinagar) Khoj 1999 (Modinagar)
from: Sunday, 31 October 1999
The third international artists workshop - Khoj 1999, was marked by intense dialogue and debate.
Khoj 1998 (Modinagar) Khoj 1998 (Modinagar)
from: Saturday, 31 October 1998
The second Khoj workshop in 1998 was as dynamic, liberating and new as the first one in 1997.
Khoj 1997 (Modinagar) Khoj 1997 (Modinagar)
from: Friday, 31 October 1997
The first international artists workshop conducted by Khoj.