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Prathap Modi

Educational Qualifications

Address for Communication
(Master of Visual Arts), Printmaking (Graphics) Faculty of Fine Arts. Opp.

Contact No

E- mail ID ,

Permanent Address
Pratap Modi S/O Krishnum Naidu Modi,
Alugubulli (Village) S.Kota Mandal,
Vizianagaram Dist, pin Code 535250,
Andhra Pradesh State, Country – India

Exhibitions Participated
2006 - ‘22nd Ravi Jain Annual Show At Dhoomi -mal Gallery New Delhi
2006 - ‘Trans Local’ Group Show at Exhibition Grounds’ Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda
2006 – A.I.F.A.C.S. Exhibition, New Delhi
2005 – Tsunami Relief Fund, An Exhibition Organized Department of Fine Arts, Andhra University,
2005 – 8th A.P State Level Art Exhibition.HYD A.P
2005 – Chitranjan State Art Gallery, Fine Art Group Exhibition Organized by Viskha Art Society
2004 – Group Show organized by Kshetra Art Gallery,
2004 – Group Show organized by Tennati Art Society, Camps
2005 – Vishakha Art Society Art Camp.
2005 – Printing Champ at Nalanda International, Baroda Scholarships
2007 -- HRD national scholarship
2006 – ‘Award Vasu Devn’ Fellowship
2005 – ‘Malladi’ – Telugu fellowship
2005 – ‘Mothdaka’ student Travel

Scholarship to Delhi
2005 – ‘ Potti sreeramulu Telugu University Scholarship
2006 - National Scholarship 'HRD', New Delhi

2004 – Inter College Youth Festival, Attakapalli
2005 – South Zone Youth Festival, Andhra University.

2006 – ‘ Ravi Jain Annual Show 2006’ by Dhoomimal Gallery Fellowsip Award For Graphic

Areas of Interest
Detail of my present occupation and the themes behind my works, Before describing about my present occupation I would like to describe my prior condition where I attempted to give a visual form to my ‘child-hood memories’ and thoughts which can be seen in the some of the works .I was very fascinated by the medium of Wood-Cut with which all my work took shape on., To get into discussion of my present occupation my work now shows the society’s anxieties to fulfill the “Unlimited desires”. Wealth in modern days has become an essential ingredient for social status, about which people does not have a state of satisfaction .My work attempts to capture this nature of dissatisfaction., To discuss about the works in a series my initial work “struggle for existence” shows the male protagonist falling where I attempted to show the man’s curiosity in catch holding the currency all at once .The man here represents the society, and his anxiety represents society’s anxiety. This work is followed by the portrayal of ants ‘Wake up for charity’ which are busy in carrying the currency coins some for charity, some for saving, through which I want to show the unity of the beings with which nation’s development can be possible. The third in discussion is the “Unlimited desires” with Dhana Lakshmi and my self portrayal with multiple hands. Urging the goddess to satisfy my unlimited desires for wealth, here ‘I’ represent the man, my desires represents the man’s desires. I used lakshmi’s icon as she is the conventional deity of the wealth for Hindu’s. I even tried to juxtapose the freedom of a female being ‘quest’ gained through Western influences and her quest to mingle in that influences with her anxiety to fly .The last in the discussion is the ‘Crazy Ants’. The ants that are climbing onto the female figure are intended to represent male desire to acquire and dominate the female. In the recent one titled “Unlimited desires” I attempted with my aesthetic out burst to find out whether women are dominant than wealth or wealth is dominant? That is why the protagonist is a woman, Especially a bar dancer whose action is dominated by money and the cross indicates my dissatisfaction towards this attitude the reason behind the title was, there is no peak for their satisfaction, so their desires for wealth or any thing are unlimited., To sum up I tried to show case different states of desires at different social contexts but I conclude that those are ‘Unlimited’ in nature, Prathap modi

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