Aastha chauhan

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Aastha Chauhan

Aastha specialized in sculpture both for her B.F.A, completed at the Government College of Art in Chandigarh, and her M.F.A. at New Delhi’s College of Art. Since graduation she has had shows in New Delhi and Bombay, in addition to working with KHOJ
to develop their community arts initiative. As leader of this initiative, she has facilitated nine independent art projects aimed at involving the Khirkee community that surrounds the KHOJ studio in New Delhi.Projects have ranged from artist- commissioned temple installations, to local shop make-overs, to clay toy-making with neighborhood children, all completed with community input at every stage. These projects not only ground KHOJ in its locality and ameliorate the somewhat alienating effect of an otherwise potentially elitist-seeming
venture, but fundamentally inform the practice of Aastha and other artists who pass through KHOJ.

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