Flipbook Workshop

The course will explore and explain the basic elements of design...
Flipbook Workshop
KHOJ Studios, New Delhi
Friday, 29 February 2008

A youth course on making flipbooks.

The course will explore and explain the basic elements of design, from the simple materials (paper, pen, scissors, staplers) to the design methods (sequential timing, spatial reasoning) in simple, hands-on lessons.

Flipbook Workshop by Daniel Sptitzberg


Purpose: Flipbooks are basic – even primitive – animations that can be constructed forpractically no cost. Students will gain the tools to make their own flipbooks and thenadvance towards more complicated animations in a self-taught and/or peer-inspired way.Audience: The ideal number of participants is between eight and 12, which allows formaximum attention and ensures focus and concentration on the creative task at hand,hopefully also with peer encouragement and some friendly competition.

Curriculum, Day 1: Introduction

Demonstrate and pass around examples of flipbooks. Project movies of flipbooks and othercraftwork animations. Illustrate the creation process behind samples of four levels of complexity:(a) static objects such as circles moving and/or morphing (b) stick figures in motion, (c) stickfigures passing a ball, and, for example, (d) a galloping horse in the open plains. Explain skills,distribute materials to students, assign open-ended flipbook work for next class.

Curriculum, Day 2 – 2+ days later: Workshop

Review works completed and make comments. Move towards more complex designs. Developskills and answer questions.

Curriculum, Day 3 – any day after: Animation

Collect final works from students. Scan, digitize each page, and animate in .gif or .avi.