Portraits - Photography Workshop

This Photography based Workshop was a collaborative project between aastha...
Khirkee, New Delhi
Thursday, 12 April 2007 - Tuesday, 1 May 2007
Aastha chauhan and Hannah

This Photography based Workshop was a collaborative project between Aastha Chauhan, Hannah Matthew and students of the Gyandeep School. The workshop, (12th April – 1st May ’07), was one in a series of workshops conducted with the students of the Gyandeep School, in the Khirkee neighborhood.


It’s been over a year since we worked with the students of the Gyandeep School. I would meet the students running out of school every now and then. ‘you don’t come to school anymore’ they complained . Hannah is based in Delhi for a year, and has worked in photography since graduating in Fine Art. Since being in the city, she's been coordinating photographic exhibition with Sunil Gupta and Radhika Singh, and previously was archiving at the Lee Miller Archives in England. As a photographer she has also had a history of running workshops in photography. Hannah gladly consented to help conduct a photography workshop for the School. 18 children from grade 4 and 5 were divided into teams of two. The teams chose names of animals and birds for their identity, peacock, eagle, lion, bear, crocodile, elephant, snake, cheetah and tiger namely. Hannah briefed them on the basics of portraiture and handling of the cameras. They were asked to click portraits of their partners. A week after, the results of the camera escapade were shown to the students. Each selecting 2 images that they clicked and liked the most.For the following class we shall provide them with material to make collages on the prints of the pictures selected by them.

20th April 2007The students have certainly come a long way, since we started out a few years ago. Initially, much to our frustration all they would draw would be an apple, a hut or a tree. The shapes of which had been etched in their memory such, that all drawings looked alike. The collages produced by them now are a proud proof of the journey we have made together. Hannah was very impressed with the variety and skill displayed by the students. Using wool, color pencils, chalk, paper and a variety of material they have created what I can call “mater-pieces”.

2nd May 2007Aastha Chauhan