Notebook on Geography [ies]: Desire Machine Collective

Desire Machine is a multi media collective based in North east India.
Desire Machine Collective
KHOJ Studios, New Delhi
Saturday, 30 April 2005
Mriganka Madhuk... and Sonal Jain

1-30 May 2005: Desire Machine: Note Book on Geography[ies]

Desire Machine is a multi media collective based in North east India, working with the politics of representation and confictign contexts of the region. The everyday experience of violence that is created out of imposed imagined geographies, pushed into the periphery of the imagination of a nation state.

Mriganka Madhukaillya, film maker and Sonal Jain , photographer and interactive designer.

Desire Machine

Politics of real time :

Northeast India, an ever changing socio-political space, looking at it as a series of interconnected micro-events.Transforming the content into digital bytes, and making it accessible so that the initiatiation of interactivity in public domain.

Time is measured out in ways analogous to the coming and going of the everyday, exposing the passing of time to a (continuous) present.

Politics of real time is the manifestation of collecting the and experiencing northeast india as a network of tradition, violence , migration, history, politics and unedited real time perceptions. The initiative tries to posits the content in the light of digital, incorporating while designing the surfaces of the interfaces.

Being situated at the periphery of a nation, Northeast India an imaginary space represented always as a deviant, exotic place situated on the periphery of a nation state. We are intervening through the collection of events recorded in “ real times. Indicating the documentative as well as the subjective stance. Through the network of real time events, we try to discover the inherent politics of the space. A measure of isolation combined with a sympathetic and imaginative policy of a progressive administration has here created a situation unparalleled in other parts of India.

Daily check-up:The bodies in the disturbed area being under the survelleince of state and special powers of the armed forces

D.A.N: (Disturbed area network) An interactive hypothetical website which promises to give information about tourism in the exciting exotic places, takes the user into a declared disturbed area.

ALFA BETA : The media colonizes the identity, the consciousness.Using the found footages from a recent hindi film Tango Charlie, an old assamese film Surjya tejor annya naam, and few real footages, ALFA BETA is an assemblage of split reality.

Desire Machine: Mrigank Madhukaillya & Sonal Jain