Tipping Point Commission 2012- 2013

Neha Choksi and Dipankar Banerjee as the recipients of the Khoj TippingPoint India Commission 2012- 2013.
Friday, 1 June 2012
Neha Choksi and Dipankar Banerjee

This is a one year collaborative commission between a creative practitioner and a scientist. It is intended to focus on an interdisciplinary collaboration, translating an idea or possible research through art at the frontiers of science.

As a scientist interested in space weather and as an artist who identifies herself psycho-pathologically with the sun, Dipankar Banerjee and Neha Choksi embark on a year-long collaboration of solar study and visual creation. The work will combine the history of the science of solar weather, solar imaging techniques and our changing understanding of visuality. The perception of the sun as a unique element of the landscape, which perpetually recurs as if in rehearsal for the final fatal sunset, will determine an ultimate theatrical expression of the joint work.