Khirkee Football Series

Following the hugely successful cricket matches of the 'Satpula Super Series', KHOJ facilitated...
Football Series
Khirkee Extension, New Delhi
Friday, 9 July 2010
Khirkee Youth

Following the hugely successful cricket matches of the 'Satpula Super Series', KHOJ facilitated football matches for the youth in Khirkee and the neigbouring communities.

In July 2010, the ‘Khirkee Football Series’ was organized in collaboration with the youth from the community. This time round we saw a much higher involvement of the youth than earlier when we began with the cricket matches. It was heartening to see Jackson - an 18 year old, college-going student from the Khirkee Village - successfully undertaking the leadership of coordinating the matches and organizing all the fixtures, dates and timings of the matches along with the particiapting teams. The matches were played on the grounds adjacent to the central Khirkee Village Park.

Four teams of nine players each, in the age group of 13-20, participated in the Series - Royal Rajputs (Khirkee Village), Khirkee Extension, Red Devils (Khirkee DDA Flats – I) and Khirkee DDA Flats-II. More than six matches were played before the finals. The players opted not to go for T-shirts that KHOJ offered to contribute for the finalists and instead agreed to raise the prize money for the winning team to Rs. 2000/-. KHOJ facilitated the bringing in of a commentator for the final football match similar to the final match of the Satpula Cricket Series. Interestingly, another youth from the community spontaneously joined in for the commentary, which added much more cheer to the final football match and gathered tremendous applause from everyone. The final prizes - the sum of Rs. 2000/- to the winning team and a football to the runners-up - were handed over by Maya-Ma, an elderly grandmother from the Khirkee Village, who is much loved for her support for undertaking several such activities in the community. The Royal Rajputs were the winners of the Khirkee Football Series while the Red Devils stood second. Later, the participants enjoyed their post-series celebrations at the KHOJ Studios over rounds of tea and snacks.